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Month: January 2021

1.怎么调节光源的水平呢? 这里提供了两种方法,一种是光源高度可调的情况下,使用调节架直接调节,还用到了尺子。第二种是光源固定的情况下,利用了两个反射镜和两个可变大小的孔阑。 2.啥是Fiber Optic Pigtail? 它和Fiber Patch Cord有啥区别? Fiber Optic Pigtail可以叫光纤尾纤,Fiber Patch Cord可以叫做光纤跳线,具体的解释见这里。

1.在Optical Coherence Tomography – Technology and Applications的第27页中,提到: OCT imaging is performed with low numerical aperture focusing in order to have a large depth of field. 通常情况下,成像的焦深大于相干长度,这样就能保证在一定的深度下,系统能够实现相干成像。 2.在Optical Coherence Tomography – Technology and Applications的第29页中,提到: OCM images can be obtained at different depths by adjusting the focus depth while matching the reference arm path delay to the […]

1.在Optical Coherence Tomography – Technology and Applications的第10页中,提到: Using low-coherence length light, interference only occurs when the path lengths are matched to within the coherence length。 为什么要在OCT系统中使用弱相干光,就是为了获得较小的相干长度,而理论的轴向分辨率是相干长度的2倍。因此,这样就可以得到更小的轴向分辨率。补充一下相关内容: Low-coherence light can be characterized as having statistical phase discontinuities over a distance known as the coherence length, which is inversely proportional to the frequency bandwidth of the light. […]