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Month: February 2022

The reviewed paper is Rapid-scanning forward-imaging miniature endoscope for real-time optical coherence tomography. One advantage of forward-viewing OCT endoscope over transverse-imaging counterpart is that it eliminates the need for mechanically actuating the entire endoscope assembly or a rotational fiber-optic coupler. Another possible merit is that the lateral-priority image acquisition sequence greatly reduces the depth-scanning speed. […]

This old paper introduced two setups of forward-viewing instruments for optical coherence tomography (OCT). In the beginning, the author mentioned one advantage of forward-viewing devices: permitting data to be collected before the device is introduced into the tissue. I assume it’s because of forward-viewing OCT’s characteristics. Two setups were proposed: a hand-held probe, and a […]

By the end of February 2022: Demonstrate the first workable fluid-shaped probe; Should be able to achieve reflecting and focusing; By the end of March 2022: Polish the result, including optimizing resolution, depth of focus, reflectance, and back-reflection Apply it to animal imaging to demonstrate ex vivo and in vivo imaging; Start writing the manuscript. […]