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The scenery we often see is that a person always looks up and envy the happiness of others, but finds that he is being looked up and envious. In fact, everyone is happy, but your happiness is often in the eyes of others.

Life is an one-way trip. Even if there are some regrets, we have no chance to start all over again. It is better to smile and cherish the future than to confuse the past, because life is not as if.

Don’t think too much, just do it now.

Welcome to visit, I’m Chao Xu! I obtained B.Eng. in Opto-Electronics Information Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University, 2017. After that, I received M.Sc. in Optics, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2020. Currently, I’m a PhD student in the Advanced Biophotonics Imaging Lab, CUHK. My research interests include high-resolution OCT technologies and preclinical/clinical studies with OCT.