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Month: February 2021

之所以要记录下来,就是要让自己以后不要再犯重复的错误,看看自己搞坏了多少实验设备,烧了导师多少科研经费。只希望以后,在这里的内容能越少越好。 (1) 时间:2021-02-25 器件名:15mm, Uncoated, N-SF11 Micro Right Angle Prism, 价格:S$213.90/piece 损坏原因:我要把粘在基座上的prism给清洗下来,所以就把它俩一起放在了小烧杯里,再往里面加了丙酮(Acetone)。大概过了一天,胶水都溶解在了丙酮里,我要把棱镜取出来。(错误操作来了)于是我就用金属镊子去夹棱镜的上下底面,想把它取出来。一个没夹稳,prism就掉到了小烧杯的杯沿,然后再落到了光学平台上。经过这两次碰撞,我的心都碎了。果真,prism的corner破了,更惨的是,它的Hypotenuse surface也出了一个洞。惨兮兮的安慰自己,还好它破的洞是在下方,不是正中间,不然真的完全不能用了(虽然这种情况下,已经极大影响使用了)。 反省一下:其实那时候,我该怎么做才保险呢?我应该先把烧杯倾斜,慢慢把丙酮倒了;然后再把烧杯斜放在多层纸上,用镊子把烧杯里的prism给慢慢挪出来。

1.在Optical Coherence Tomography – Technology and Applications的第39页中,提到: The spectral resolution is governed by multiple factors including the optical aberrations in the spectrometer lenses, the resolution of the diffraction grating, camera pixel size, and electronic pixel cross talk. 关于光谱仪的分辨率,可以见How to build a spectrometer – theory,或者这里.

In this paper Microrobotic laser steering for minimally invasive surgery, a new mirror design is proposed for laser steering application. Integrated with present surgical tools, this device is 6 millimeters in diameter and 16 millimeters in length and is able to focus and steer a fiber-based laser beam at high speed (1.2 kilohertz bandwidth) over […]

(45) 2022-03-15: Simulation Analysis on the Profiles of Droplets Wetting on the Substrates Note: Use Surface Evolver to simulate the droplet behavior on the tilted substrate. Some parameters need to be set up, including water density, surface tension, radius of the substrate, and the contact angle. (44) 2022-02-04: Gravity-Controlled and Boundary-Constrained High-Throughput Fabrication of Polymeric […]

1.在Optical Coherence Tomography – Technology and Applications的第36页中,提到: The interference of the two beams will have a spectral modulation as a function of frequency which can be measured using a spectrometer. The periodicity of this modulation will be inversely related to the echo time delay. Therefore, different echo delays will produce different frequency modulations. The echo […]