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Month: August 2023

文章:Dirk Lorenser, Xiaojie Yang, and David D. Sampson, "Ultrathin fiber probes with extended depth of focus for optical coherence tomography," Opt. Lett. 37, 1616-1618 (2012) 链接: 实现extend depth of focus的原理:the light travels through two sections of GRIN fibers with different apertures to create two different focal positions, which results in a extended depth of focus. […]

Chapter 1. The development of Optical Coherence Tomography 为什么1300 nm的OCT系统是最常用的? Why Ophthamology and Cardiovascular OCT are two most commercial applications? OCT技术的发展与激光器技术的发展有什么关联? SS-OCT相较于SD-OCT的优缺点是什么?更适用于什么应用?眼科?心血管? How cardiovascular OCT is performed in the surgery room? 心血管OCT的市场发展历程、未来展望是怎么样的?